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We Provides Tailgate Lorry in Klang Valley areas. A tailgate Lorry eases the task of moving hefty loads into and out of the lorry. The tailgate at the back of a truck comes in handy and during the loading and unloading of goods and can reduce the time required for moving. The taillift gates of the trucking are made from steel or aluminium plates, and are permanently attached at the back of the lorry. lorry Tailgate operates with hydraulic or pneumatic systems to load and unload hefty goods effortlessly, therefore the use of a forklift or crane is not required. As such, using a lorry tailgate can make your moving easier and more efficient without incurring much cost. This is the best type of lorry to rent if you have a lot of weighty and bulky furniture. You can have peace of mind as our skillful drivers are trained and familiar with the tailgate truck. Goods that we have moved with our lorry tailgate rental includes: Furniture Factory machinery Hospital bed Copier machine Safe Piano Catering food Surgical equipment Commercial Freezer Oversized box And more…

Lorry rental service

Tailgate Lorry Rental in Klang Valley

Considering all of the above, it’s not enough to just hire a vehicle – you also need trained personnel to move everything out of your place, into the lorry with tailgate, out of it and into the new place.This is why the best way to get both heavy machinery for your heavy and bulky objects and a team of moving experts is hiring a professional mover company, such as Lorry Mover. Lorry Mover has spend its celebrative years in the industry already made a name in the community and our clients loves us! Want to move out? Stop worrying, we have the best transport services and a fleet of quality lorries to take care all of it. Our company has an incredible team of trained and experienced movers, packers, operators and managers, who are always ready to take care of your move.

Why Choose Our Tailgate Lorry Rental Services

We offer a full package of transportation rental services in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for your moving convenience, including mover services, packing services, pickup and collection, storage services, and lorry driver hire service. Our movers in Kuala Lumpur are professional and experienced to ensure that your items are handled with care and are protected during the transport. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority and we strive to give the best lorry rental and moving options to our customers anywhere in Kuala Lumpur. We provide truck rental services from KL to Penang and KL to Johor Bahru We provide tailgate lorry rentals every day of the week in PJ and KL. We are available including weekends and public holidays to suit your timing and schedule. Our operating hours are also flexible to meet your various business needs. Our rental pricing rate is affordable and value for money with a 100% money back guarantee. Our rental business has many years of experience with many positive customer feedback. Our fleet of lorries are in tip top condition and well maintained, this will ensure timely and smooth rental delivery of your goods. The capacity of each tailgate truck are different depending on the size and capacity. The trucks that we have ranges from 10 feet (ft) with a capacity of 1 ton, to 24 feet (ft) with a capacity of 5 tons. Let our movers know your requirements in order to find the most suitable type of vehicle including a big van to transport your cargo within the Klang Valley, Shah Alam and Puchong. So if you are looking for transporting heavy cargo for your office or home relocation in Klang Valley, you do not have to search further. Let our movers and tailgate lorry rental based in Kuala Lumpur and Klang to ease your move. You may contact us via call or email now to get a new free quotation today.

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